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Bangsring Breeze traditional Javanese massage

Indulge in a healing massage at Bangsring Breeze that will leave you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

We are blessed to have two local massage therapists, coming from the local village, who offer traditional Javanese massage, an art passed on from their grandmother (as it is common in Java).

Traditional Javanese massage is an oil-based massage with a history of over 300 years that originated as an ancient system of healing in what is now modern day Indonesia. 

Javanese massage predominantly use pushing strokes with strong thumb pressure to ease muscle and joint fatigue and soreness.  It focuses on the pressure points of the body and with deft strokes breaks down tensely knotted muscles and aching joints.

We use the highest quality organic massage oils, enriching your massage experience with therapeutic botanical properties.

We recommend to book your massage in advance.